UWEMN is a non-governmental organization established in 2018 to connect, empower and support the Ugandans Women Living in Minnesota USA.

UWEMN also provides opportunities for Ugandan women in the USA to connect via social media platforms, workshops, networking meetups, cultural events, community enrichment programs and annual grand reunions.

We have created a safe environment for women to discuss issues that affect the Ugandan women in the USA, and Uganda

About Uwemn

We are a team dedicated to empowering women to gain independence and confidence through skills training. Career networking involves using personal, professional, academic, or familial contacts to assist with a job search, achieve career goals, learn more about your field, or another field you’d like to work in. Have you been looking for a way to make an impact in your community and meet some like-minded women along the way? Join us in our mission

With strength in numbers, our leaders are the organization’s leading minds in the community – each advancing a better experience of Ugandan women in Minnesota

Lydia Kayongo


Latifah Kiribedda Ssali

Vice President

Annette Kakuku

Activities Director

Barbara Jensen


Jesca Kuhl

Program Manager

Brenda Uwera

Communications & IT Cordinator

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Our purpose is to empower women to lead. Our mission is to connect with each other for personal and professional growth, advance our civic, business & philanthropic communities, and inspire and support the next generation.

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