At UWEMN, we foster growth and empowerment through our Mentorship Program. This inclusive initiative brings women of all ages together to engage in thoughtful conversations about career advancement and guidance.

Mentorship:A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

By providing Ugandan women with mentorship, we aim to give them meaningful opportunities for growth. The impact and guidance that mentorship can provide is unmatched and just the thing that Ugandan women in the Minnesota need.

UWEMN has a diverse group of talented women who volunteer their expertise to mentor young women into leadership and opportunities. Our mentorship opportunities are geared towards enabling self-reliance and entrepreneurship. We strive to give opportunities that encourage our membership continuity. Through mentorship, we aim to uplift one another, share experiences, and pave the way for professional success. Join us in creating a supportive community where women inspire and guide each other to new heights. #UWEMNMentorship #EmpowerThroughGuidance”