Meet the inspiring ‘Ladies of Charity,’ a collective of Ugandan women in Minnesota who are the embodiment of compassion and change. As Champions of Hope, these remarkable women leverage their organizations to lead impactful charity projects, giving back to society and uplifting those in need. Join us in celebrating the generosity, dedication, and positive impact of the Ladies of Charity—a force for good in our community.#LadiesOfCharity #ChampionsOfHope

Our work is driven by a passion and belief that we all have a responsibility to one and another by making a difference in the lives of those that are less privilege, abused, abandoned and in poverty. We provide Food, Shelter, Healthcare, and Education

Our values
  • Give Love and Hope to those we serve
  • Restore and preserve Dignity
  • Encourage, protect and support the next generation
  • Provide a better future for our children

These compassionate individuals channel their energy and resources through various organizations to uplift and support those in need. Join us in celebrating the incredible generosity and community spirit of the Ladies of Charity – a beacon of hope.

hopeful ladies

Know more about the women Owned organizations in your community

  • Caring Hearts Uganda by Dorothy Michori
    Location: Ntungamo District
    Impact: Providing Microfinance, health care, education and church services to vulnerable families in the community.
  • Gap Global Outreach By Sophia Muhaguzi
    Location: Jinja District
    Impact: Helping widows and people with mental illness.
  • Genesis Caring Services by Doreen Kalema
    Location: Wakiso and Jinja District
    Impact: Helping disadvantaged and disabled children with food, shelter and education.
  • Hope Institute of Uganda by Joy Ngobi
    Location: Mayuge District
    Impact: Providing education, healthcare, economic opportunities and vocational training for young Ugandan men and women.
  • New Hope for Africa by Lydia Kayongo
    Location: Mukono District
    Impact: Transforming lives and renewing hope while providing food,shelter, education and church services for children in need.
  • PACHU Health Initiative by Patricia Alinda
    Location: Nebbi, Pakwach and Gulu District
    Impact: Creating health awareness in rural communities through education and resources.
  • Shine International Inc by Jesca Kuhl
    Location: Pallisa District-Eastern Uganda
    Impact: Serving orphans and underprivileged kids with food, shelter,education.
  • Suubi Health Center by Latifah Kiribedda
    Location: Luuka District
    Impact: Providing women with maternal health services and enabling health education and access to healthcare services in the community.
  • Widows Center International By Mary Kabi
    Location: Buikwe District
    Impact: Empowering and rebuilding lives of widows, women and children through Microfinance, education, Healthcare and advocating for justice.